Fast Food Listings-Canada

There may come a time when you find yourself considering a Fast Food option for you and your family. Maintaining a gluten-free diet at these times can be especially challenging. To assist you in making an informed selection, we are now able to provide you a link directly to “The Celiac Scene Fast Food Restaurant Listings”. The Celiac Scene is a premier source for gluten-free living.  Founder Ellen Bayens and her team have compiled the Fast Food Restaurant Listings to be a helpful resource that will give you over 200 Fast Food Listings in the US. Enjoy direct links to gluten-free menus or specific information regarding gluten-free and allergen-free offerings. It’s easy to use and you will also find restaurant locations as well as links to their social media pages. As always when dining out, ingredients and production methods used in preparation may vary significantly and there may even be product differences among locations. Most kitchen operations often involve shared cooking and preparation areas and quite possible cross-contact with other foods may occur during preparation.